Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We believe in our MOTO i.e " DEDICATION, COURAGE, COMMITMENT, TEAM WORK " which are the pillars on which the Dhanvantri Group of Institution Stands.                        


  1. To  build   all  round  and  overall  development  of  the  Medical/ Nursing  students  by  providing  balance  between  curricular and extracurricular  activities
  2. To organize, sequence  and  integrate  the  teaching learning  activities  to  explicit  and  implicit  curricula.
  3. Create Professionalism so that the Medical Practitioners / Nursing Students could  serve effectively  at both  institutional  and  community  level  and  to  help  the  community  to  achieve  optimum  health by  their  active participation.
  4. Prepare Medical Practitioners/Nurses to acquire and maintain current  knowledge  in  their respective field of   practice by  conducting  research, implement  leadership strategies   for  the  betterment  of health care.
  5. To  focus  on  attitude  building  and  personality  development so that excellent quality in patient  care could be provided.
  6. To  develop  leadership skills  and  group  dynamics  among  students  thus  promote  collaborative  holistic  care.
  7. Prepare Medical professionals to serve at institutional and community level and to help the community to achieve optimum health by their active participation in all health programs.
  8. Prepare Medical professionals to acquire and maintain current knowledge in the field of Clinical / Nursing practice through active decision making, conducting research implement, leadership strategies for the betterment of health care.
  9. Prepare Medical professionals to collaborative relationship with others to improve health care and acquire a foundation for doctoral study.


We believe that once the pass through the doors of Dhanvantri Group after the  completion of the course would be able to 

  1. Develop their ability to meet physical, emotional and the social cultural needs of delivery system of the country.
  2. Participate as members of health team in the promotion, prevention and restoration of the health care delivery system of the country.
  3. Apply principles of maturation and adaptation in the delivery of Clinical /Nursing care within the frame work of code of ethics and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.
  4. Demonstrate leadership qualities and decision making abilities in various institutions.
  5. Apply Clinical/Nursing procedure  by  caring of patient with common medical surgical condition with emphasis on preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of Clinical/Nursing care
  6. Demonstrate skill in Teaching, Management, communicate effectively with individual and group and members of the health team in order to promote effective interpersonal relationship.
  7. Demonstrate critical thinking to make relevant observations, recognize health team in order to promote effective interpersonal relationship.
  8. Demonstrate a holistic approach for Medical Practitioners/ Nurses who pursue their own personal growth and strive toward optimal health for themselves are better able to facilitate healing and optimal health in others.
  9. Demonstrative awareness , interest and Endeavors to keep up to date information of professional trends and opportunities.