Child Health Nursing





  1. To render a quality education to the students in order to provide health service to the children with empathy and compassion.
  2.  To improve the  skills of the students to render the care of children in the hospital as well as community settings.


  1. The students are exposed in the areas of PICU, NICU, and Pediatric Operation Theatre in various pediatric hospitals at different places.
  2. Celebrate the important days like children’s   day, World Immunization day, ICDS Programme.
  3. Make the students to do the child CPR in efficient manner at emergency situations.
  4. Conduct Breast feeding week celebration on every year
  5. Involve the students to do the pediatric assessment in both hospitals areas and community.
  6. Make the students to do puppet show, role play for every year.
  7. Parents regarding child rearing and child care.
  8. Make the students to participate for celebrating World dyslexia day every year.
  9. Counsel the parents regarding immunization for their children.
  10. Competence in case work and research activities
  11. Special classes are taken by specialized experts individuals.
  12. Increase the students efficency of doing pediatric demonstration in clinical settings
  13. Orient the students various conferences and educational programmes in the area of pediatric nursing.
  14. Enforce the PG and UG students to do the innovative based research.