Paedriatic Nursing

Paedriatic Nursing

Like all Departments  the Paediatric Nursing Department also has a good faculty well versed in these subjects and have a laboratory with manikins, ventilators and dialysis machined also have a separate departmental building at college.Students have good clinical exposure as we are in tie up with various private and government health sectors like GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore, City Hospital, Erode, Masonic Hospital, Coimbatore , Child care centre, Erode and Government head quarters Hospital, Erode.

 Activities - 

 a.    Developing an attitude of empathetic approach in giving care to patients and families.

b.    Providing formal and informal education to students at college and hospitals.

c.    Applying scientific principles while giving nursing care to patients.

d.    Conducting periodic conferences, seminars, workshops and the like.

e.    Activating the various clubs like Neonatal ventilator club, Neonatal airway club, Children disaster club etc.

f.    Organizing various health related programmes like children day, Breast Feeding week, New born week, Neonatology day, well baby clinic etc at our college, our

      hospitals and health sectors.